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September 2015



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Event-hosting adds joie de vivre to reborn industrial buildings JENNIFER LEWINGTON HAMILTON – Special to The Globe and Mail Published¬†Monday, Sep. 07, 2015 6:00AM EDT ¬†(Reposted 16.09.2015) Globe & Mail, Report On Business When producer John Smith was scouting venues for a promotional video shoot for the rock band Born Ruffians, he chose a 1900-era former cotton textile factory in…

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The Medium is the Message

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    INTRODUCING ADAM MATAK Adam Matak is an independent Fine Art professional who has been displaying his graphic, comic-book/cartoon-like art pieces at a number of museums and galleries for over 12 years. Creating projects that stand out, while simultaneously giving viewers something to think about and entertain themselves, is not easy. However, by using non-traditional fine art tools such…

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