The Medium is the Message

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Adam Matak is an independent Fine Art professional who has been displaying his graphic, comic-book/cartoon-like art pieces at a number of museums and galleries for over 12 years. Creating projects that stand out, while simultaneously giving viewers something to think about and entertain themselves, is not easy. However, by using non-traditional fine art tools such as BIC pens, Graffiti markers and spray paint, Adam is able to accomplish this while giving his work a sharp and unique look.

From a young age, Adam was inspired by cartoon and comic art. He states that cartoons give a more open perspective. Referencing an article by the National Post, Adam says, “comic books are very accessible, approachable and fun”. Using these as motivation, he was able to find his own style of drawing throughout his undergraduate degree. Adam’s work combines ancient and contemporary art, it reflects social disparities and it also connects images of the past and history to today’s people and culture.

Being able to link different subjects, themes, timelines and events, is something that Adam values about drawing cartoon and comic-like scenarios. Adam uses the medium to tell stories without overwhelming or making his work “aggressive” towards the viewer. He is able to communicate different ideas and messages while also allowing the viewers to create their own interpretations and stories for the different pieces he showcases.



Interestingly enough, it is the responses he receives from people viewing his work, he enjoys the most. Matak shared how people have expressed how each piece relates to their own lives on a personal level. Stories, which are always different for everyone who encounters the work. He really enjoys hearing what people have to say and that is one of the things that attracted him to the Cotton Factory.

Adam and his wife Phillipa Chong recently moved to Hamilton from Boston, and both have jobs at McMaster University. Finding a studio at the Cotton Factory, provided them a place closer to their home and work, and it also allowed them to be in a community where interacting with other creative artists can easily be part of their daily routine. Adam has already met a number of other tenants renting space in the creative arts complex and has been able to share and exchange stories with them. Being able to talk to people in a variety of fields related to the arts is something that really attracted both him and his wife to the complex.


To view examples of Matak’s work visit his website:


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