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January 2016


Made In Hamilton

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  You may have ventured out on a Friday evening to the Art Crawl on James Street North, or attended the “fashion zone” during Supercrawl and are very familiar with the elegant fashion designs created by Blackbird Studio. I first learned about this dynamic duo 10 years ago when they were creating fashions for the Hamilton Roller Derby teams and…

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2016 – What the New Year has in store. Written by Ale Calle As the New Year begins, we look back at the many things we have accomplished in the past year and set goals for the year ahead. Here at The Cotton Factory, we are happy to say that 2015 brought many good things and big changes to our…

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Zekar Photography

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TENANT HIGHLIGHT:¬† This month we caught up with our tenants, Zekar¬†Photography to reminisce about their time at the Cotton Factory and to ask about what they do, and how they do it. Zekar Photography specializes in wedding photography and wedding photojournalism. Their office is located in the Dyeworks building Cotton Factory.¬† Mike Tigchelaar is the lead photographer at Zekar Photography….

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