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2016 – What the New Year has in store.

Written by Ale Calle

As the New Year begins, we look back at the many things we have accomplished in the past year and set goals for the year ahead. Here at The Cotton Factory, we are happy to say that 2015 brought many good things and big changes to our creative arts complex. We have hosted numerous weddings, film shoots, and community events, making this past year a very memorable one. Nonetheless, we are even more excited for what the New Year will bring to us.


The Cotton Factory is very proud to announce the opening of both the Cotton Club Coworking and Project Space and ShareSpace Studio. Both of these spaces are focused on cooperative work environments, targeted for both creative artists and business offices. The main idea behind these projects is to expand The Cotton Factory community and allow our members to have more open and accessible interaction.

ShareSpace is designed as an artist collective, which provides its members with personal creative space in and amongst a collectively shared larger space. Each member’s work area is outlined by markings on the floor rather than walls. The purpose for DSCF0310this type of shared space is to motivate artists to work alongside one another and provide an opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in a creative environment. Sharespace is located in the Dyeworks building, which includes all the basic amenities and, in addition, offers great lighting, exposed brick walls and loading doors. Members of the ShareSpace have the option to connect with other artists and tenants at The Cotton Factory and become part of the dynamic, creative community. As a member, they also have access to project space in The Cotton Club.


The Cotton Club is a unique creative co-working and project space for artists. It will function as Hamilton’s first regional-social innovation centre. Not only will the space function as office and event space it may also be utilized as project space for artists and non-profit groups. The Cotton Club will also offer educational opportunities and workshop programming to Hamilton’s community at large by functioning as a community centre for the creative industries. Another goal of The Cotton Club is to open its doors to healing arts practitioners. Once our doors open in February, we will launch The Quiet Room.

The Quiet Room is a space where massage therapists and healing arts practitioners may launch a  practice with little overhead.  The Quiet Room may be rented by the day with or without a massage table.



We are looking forward to this New Year and all of the amazing things it will bring. We are excited with the direction we are taking here at The Cotton Factory. Breathing new life into the building’s past. Our primary goal is to make all of our members feel they are part of a unique community.

To learn more about the ShareSpace Studio visit for information about the Cotton Club, Email

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