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Tuesday Evening Drop In Life Drawing Sessions hosted by Artist, Avery Tanner

Start Time: 7:00 PM          End Time: 10:00 PM

Drop In Welcome!  

Cost $10.00 per session   Materials Additional $3.00 

Life Drawing is fun and an important form of exercise for the visual artist. It flexes and tones the ever important rendering muscles. The training builds the connections in the eye to hand pathways. It reinforces the fundamentals for the seasoned artist and is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals for the beginner. In addition, it creates an opportunity for artists to work in a social and collective environment where art is most often forged in solitude.

Life drawing at The Cotton Factory features a nude model and is a three hour “drop-in” session welcoming  persons of all levels of accomplishment. The session is divided into three parts with two fifteen minute breaks. The first forty-five minutes is devoted to short one to three minute poses with gesture drawing, continuous line, and other quick warm-ups. The second forty-five minute period will focus on longer activities such as contour drawing and chiaroscuro with five to ten minute poses. The third hour consists of three twenty minute poses that will allow the artist a chance to realize more finished renderings and utilize the tools they have honed in the previous two hours.

Attendance costs $10. Newsprint paper will be supplied for an additional $3. Six sessions can be purchased on the first night for $50. You are welcome to bring your own paper if you wish a more durable quality. Pencils, conte charcoal, etc. will be available.

A limited number of easels will be supplied. Sorry we do not have any erasers because we don’t believe in mistake.



Avery Tanner is a professional artist who has been passionate about the arts since childhood. He studied Fine Arts/Visual Arts at York University working largely in acrylics, oils, and mixed media. In addition he was know to present elaborate performance art pieces involving dance, movement and sculptural elements combined with soundscapes he created combining tape loops of found sounds with synthetic and acoustic music.


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