WhatAboutWednesday featuring Judy Boswell and Mark Tharme of Muse Marketing Group!


For this week’s edition of WhatAboutWednesday we bring you Judy Boswell and Mark Tharme of Muse Marketing Group!

My first encounter with Mark and Judy was at the Cotton Factory holiday party this past year where they got up together and sang the Christmas classic, Baby It’s Cold Outside. Mark and Judy’s rendition was lively, fun and and charismatic and it was clear that these two are fun loving people.

Muse Marketing Group is comprised of web and graphic designers, writers, marketing and branding specialists. While Mark and Judy have been in the business for many years, Muse is just coming up on its fourth year.

Though Mark and Judy met Rob Zeidler (the owner of the Cotton Factory) in 2015, it turns out that they have known Glen Marshall (those who know Glen are very fond of him) for nearly 35 years! Glen knew that Muse was searching for a new home, and when he began working at the Cotton Factory he encouraged them to come and check it out and…lo and behold Mark and Judy couldn’t resist the Cotton Factory and became tenants in April 2016.

It is said that we should never ignore our intuition and that’s precisely what Mark and Judy did. They listened to their gut feeling of positivity and fell in love with the non traditional features and the good people of the Cotton Factory. Just like that, they were home.

A little known fact about Mark and Judy?

They are huggers! Not only do they hug their clients prior to meetings or as a hello, they also hug each other. This simple act forms an immediate connection and is their little way of the making the world a better, happier place, one hug at a time!

For more information about Muse Marketing Group visit http://musemarketinggroup.ca/

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*Photo from left to right: Joanna Williams, Judy Boswell, Mark Tharme, Brandin Hall