Be part of something bigger than yourself

It seems perfectly fitting to acknowledge and honour the community of Hamilton and abroad for such an inspiring and uplifting weekend here at the Cotton Factory. With over 3,000 people making their way through the Cotton Factory for Doors Open and the Spring Marketplace, volunteers, staff and engaged community members revelled in the magnificence of the building, its surroundings and the people and projects taking place inside these walls. The Cotton Factory is a symbol of what can happen when an otherwise forgotten building is repurposed and when likeminded individuals feel called to take part in its legacy.

The community of Hamilton is proud to call Hamilton home. The community of Hamilton supports the rebirth of this great city and is committed to maintaining its history through the repurposing and protecting of its historical buildings and landmarks. The community of Hamilton is vast, colourful and from all walks of life.

There is a buzz afloat here in in the city, a light in everyone’s eyes at the excitement and possibility of Hamilton and its community members. Hamilton is the city of creativity and doing – where dreams become a reality and lasting friendships made. And the best part is, we have only just begun!

Thank you for your support Hamilton and abroad!